Putting together a fantastic study abroad experience for your students can be an overwhelming task!  All the logistics and details involved can consume your time, energy and let’s face it...your sanity!  

That’s why Belize Study Abroad has been the go to for group leaders and organizations who want their instructors and students to focus on learning objectives, their travel journals and the adventure that awaits in a new country.

With over 25 years of Study Abroad leadership in Belize, we are uniquely experienced and equipped to deliver the highest quality full service experiential learning programs available within the fields of Tropical Watershed Ecology and Biology, Natural Resources and Protected Areas Management, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Cultural Diversity and Human Development, Marine Science and Service Learning.  

From accommodations, transportation and excursions to guest speakers and field lecturers, Belize Study Abroad is your Belize-based hosting and support partner.  We work closely with you and your academic colleagues every step of the way to manage all the moving parts of your itinerary prior to and during your program in Belize.

Your success is our success - let’s start the journey today!


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